What is Body Fat???


Body fat is an organ like your heart or liver but instead of being in one place it is located not only  under the skin but inside your body around your intestines and behind your kidneys.

The fat inside your abdomen evolved to you from starvation and infection, by storing fat cells and interacting with your immune system

We all have Body Fat and it has an important role in the body…

When we eat more calories than you burn, the extra calories are stored as fat resulting in weight gain…Everyone has Body Fat!!

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When you gain weight by eating more and exercising less it is from the stored fat which is the real problem in the obesity and overweight epidemic…

Body fat can release a number of hormones and other factors that promote chronic disease commonly associated with obesity eg High blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes and asthma 

Body fat cells have other functions beyond storage including heat storage and hormone secretion which can stimulate inflammation…

The lower body fat in the hips and thighs in women is formed under the influence of the female hormone oestrogen. It increases during pregnancy in order to store fat for breast-feeding and its immune effects are the opposite to the abdominal fat..

The fat under the skin ( Cellulite) especially in the lower body appears as dimples or I call pitting like an orange skin.. This is where the collagen strands that support the fat tissue get broken down and the fat sort of surrounds it leading to the dimpling or commonly called Cellulite !!!

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Reference… Dr David Heber Professor of Medicine and Public Health at UCLA


Yours in Wellness

Aileen xxo

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